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this is kpix5 news on the
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cw. here in cesar's palace. ow up i could see the fire ball over here on the corner. >> a wild scene. the violent chain of events that left three people dead and police looking for a gunman. a rapper from oakland. how his bay area fans are remembering him tonight. >> pieces coming down from the bridge crashing down. >> how a crane collapsed in a heap of twisted metal. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. a fire ball all happening on the vegas strip. three people are dead, an aspiring rapper from oakland. this is youtube video of him performing on a maserati on the
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vegas strip. he was known as kenny clutch. happened at the busy corner of las vegas boulevard and flamingo road, just outside, the strip's most famous hotels, paris, cesar's. edward lawrence on how it all got started. edward. >> ken, this all started very early this morning, about 4:30 this morning. police have few leads that they are following up on. they have a lot of witnesses and evidence they collected at that intersection for the 15 hours it was closed. cell phone video shows the las vegas strip moments after a shooting and multicar accident sent a fire ball into the early morning sky. police say what started as an argument ended in bullets and flames, leaving throw people dead. >> what happened is not just tragic, but under scores the level of violence that we see sometimes here in las vegas as
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well as across america. >> the trouble began at the say lay area of one of the strip's casinos. words were exchanged, then two cars fled north on las vegas boulevard. that's when someone in the suv opened fire on the other car. >> the maserati driver sped through the intersection of flamingo and las vegas boulevard, colliding with a taxi cab and causing a six-car accident. >> the taxi exploded into a fire ball. >> there was a loud boom and then i heard two other booms. >> the driver and a passenger were killed as was the driver of the maserati, identified as kenny cherry, jr. >> fining those involved is a top priority for my agency. >> police are reviewing surveillance videos, not just from the casinos, but other
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taxis. the strip, police say, is safe. that fight happened at the aria casino. mgm owns that casino. they did say that they are cooperating fully with the police, using a surveillance video and any witness they need. an interesting fact of tupac was killed a half a mile past the intersection where this happened on this same road, on flay flamigo road. >> live in vegas tonight, thank you for that report. we have more now on that aspiring rapper from oakland. kenny clutch. kpix5's kristen ayers talked to friends and family who say they are devastated by the rapper's death. >> his stage name was kenny clutch. in this music video, he cruises the las vegas strip in a maserati. art would imitate life. the 27-year-old north oakland native was driving his maserati
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this morning when he was gunned down. >> i can't believe it happened to him. >> tonight on the street he was raised, friends and family lit candles for the up and coming rapper, who was born kenneth cherry. cherry's cousin left behind three children, a two-year-old, a three-year-old, and a newborn daughter, just a couple months old. cherry's friends and family say he grew up on this block near the oakland, emeryville border. he tried to get away from the violence and pursue a rap career in las vegas. >> anyone can say that he was a good and loving person. >> his family is left stunned, picking up the pieces of a career that never had a chance to take off. >> you know, she is trying to take it strong, trying to be strong for him and his kids and everyone else. >> in oakland, kpix5.
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>> the passenger and kenny clutch's car was shot in the arm. his name has not been released. clutch did have run ins with the law in the bay area, including a weapons conviction in berkeley back in 2007. also in the news tonight, work on the new span of the bay bridge resumes tomorrow morning, once crews haul away 100 tons of twisted metal from today's crane collapse. earlier, i took a boat out on the bay for an up close look. >> the red section that you see the sparks coming off of right now is the upper section of the crane that came crashing down. just behind that, to the left, is a piece of the work. the iron work that held up the roadway. that came crashing down as well on to that barge. now we're going to swing way over underneath the bridge and you'll see the original crane that rolled over. there it is. it is laying on top of that barge over there. it is pretty maraculous.
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all of this material will be pushed over to the caltrans yard in oakland where inspectors will go over it and figure out what happened. >> nobody hurt there tonight. the collapse brought most of the day's construction to a screeching halt, as you can imagine. >> that doesn't mean workers are getting the night off. >> kpix5 has the latest. >> considering the size of today's accident, it is the miracle that nobody was injured underneath this new section of the bay bridge. just after 10:00, that's when the metal started giving way. that's when the crane came down and all that scaffolding landing on the barge below. it happened fast, of course, while dozens of people watched. david snapped these pictures of the crane and support steel coming down. he heard the first sounds of the accident. >> shocking. wow, what's going on?
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we saw pieces coming down. >> others at marinas saw the collapse unfolding. >> it kept going and by the time i turned around, one of the cranes was gone and the scaffolding was hanging up on top and fell down on to the barge. >> two floating barge cranes have been taking down the support structure that held up the new roadway. the suspension span now holds up that road and the supports are coming down. engineers didn't want them to come down this fast. they are investigating why the crane gave way and are relieved that no one was injured. >> the crane tipping over only caused cosmetic damage to one of the cross beams. it scrapes paint, there's no apparent damage to the structural integrity of the bridge. >> once again, no injuries from this accident and again, there are no delays in the building of this new portion of the bay bridge. that does remain on skeed yowl and still have, what is considered to be an excellent
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safety record. a good outcome. as ken mentioned, the remains has been towed over to the oakland side of the bay. live in treasure island, kpix5. checking some bay area headlines, seven former restaurant workers received settlement checks in san francisco's largest ever case of employer wage theft. pastry paid more than half a million dollars in back wages and penalties for paying workers $4 an hour. a homeowner faces federal charges for making homemade assault weapons in his garage. police and fbi agents say they seized six guns at harry lewis' home along with two silencers and several ammunition magazines. lewis told authorities he was making them to see if he could actually build a firearm. he faces a ten-year prison sentence. and south bay investigators are offering a reward to catch a serial bank robber.
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they say he hit five banks in the past month. two in cupertino and santa clara. this man goes up to the teller, hands over a note and gets away with the cash. investigators believe he is about 35 years old and muscular. a prime piece of peninsula real estate is up for sale, but it comes with a catch. the owner gets to stay there. $100 million property sits on 46-acres in hills hillsborrow. the 16,000 square foot met train mediterranean mansion -- he wants to stay until he dies. at least one realtor thinks that there will be interest. >> typical boyar would probably be someone seeking to showcase their success.
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oftentimes coming from international. >> the mansion features seven bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms, a servant's wing, the home is surrounded by manicured gardens, but much of the property is undeveloped. the home nearby recently sold for $117 million. the past collides with the future in the heart of silicon valley. what google is doing to protect employees from toxins in the ground left by tech companies decades ago. >> they were laying there staring at me. i said babies, are you okay? >> he found two little girls shivering near the wreckage of their mother's crashed car. why he says the word hero does not apply to him. weather wise, another clear night and dry night in the bay area. we'll talk about the forecast for the next seven days. we have more than that. we'll look at a rain fall outlook all the way through memorial day. that's coming up next. ,,,,,,
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sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ google. toxic t new at 10:00, one of silicon valley's dirty little secrets is coming back to haunt google. toxic things have been found. kit doe with what google is doing to protect its workers. kit. >> reporter: we are standing across the street from a building, where decades ago, high-tech companies dumped cancer-causing chemicals. today, the epa says the problem is under control. the building has been cleaned up and they say it is safe. they are known as google buildings, qd6 and qd7. the problems began when
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construction allowed air to seep up from under ground. >> we are ready and prepared to respond quickly. >> the building sat on front of the conductor. back in the late 70s and 80s, manufactures used tce to make computer chips. problem is, they dumped thousands of gallons of the toxic solvent into the ground and contaminated the water. when google moved in, they conducted rigorous air quality testing. the normal range of tce is 5 micrograms per cubic meter. they had up to 8 micrograms. employees were exposed for several months, but it takes decades to cause problems. >> it's good that once we found the results, the elevated results that prompt action was taken. >> we saw employees coming and going from the buildings. one worker told us off camera he was fine with being at the site, since google posts the
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testing data online. for neighbors, the reaction ranged from apathy to shock. >> right across the street from this house. it's not good. wow. i didn't know about this. >> google released a statement saying the health and safety of employees is google's number one priority and several proactive measures to ensure the healthiest indoor air is possible in our workplaces. and neighbors have been worrying about this for years that the plume of toxic chemicals is making its way into the neighborhoods. they looked at 30 homes and they found elevated levels in two of those homes and working to clean them up now. kit doe, kpix5. right now, dozens of students are camping inside the administration building of san francisco's city college. students and staff are staging a sit in, demanding the chancellor do more to keep the school from losing its
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accreditation. theysome 85,000 people attend city college at its campus. the 50 or so protesters camped out tonight and have been told they can stay if they remain peaceful. she's only four years old, but she did a very grownup thing. reporter, ben singer shows us how a little girl saved her sister after a violent crash that killed their mother. >> in the pictures, you can barely see a sign of the crash from the road. a passer by stopped to a tree. ate the missing bark on that person found the wreckage of jessica and her body inside. and ariana and lila were discovered nearby. hunkered down in some brush. >> they were laying there staring at me. i said babies, are you okay? they said we're cold.
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i comforted them. >> bert was one of the first responders. >> he said she actually got the tw-year-old out of the car. so as far as weknow, the four- year-old got the two-year-old out of the car and had a blanket, she covered them both. >> medics took both girls for treatment, and then they were air lifted to the children's hospital in portland. wsp says the two-year-old injuries were serious. >> we could tell the two-year- old was sick. she was one that needed to be out of there right away. >> family was on the way to portland to pick up jessica's husband, who was a fisherman. he pleaded for help on facebook to find his missing family, only to have his fears confirmed. >> it looked like straight line. didn't look like she may have we shalled swerved or anything like that. >> she fell asleep, some eight
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hours before her daughters were discovered. that was ben singer reporting. four-year-old ariana was treated and released from the hospital last night. her little sister is still recovering. we have great video to show you from nasa. it shows a huge eruption on the sun. this is a compilation of three solar flair events that took place in a short amount of time. each second of video is 6 minutes in real time. the flair shot up, sending electromagnetic energy into space. it was then followed by what scientists call a coronal rain, which is that image that looks like it's raining on the sun there. and pretty amazing. >> beautiful. i love seeing those pictures. >> you could fit 15 to 20 earths within that cone. the size of the sun versus that. >> we saw a lot of the sun today. >> and we have more sunshine coming. this is another one of those
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patterns where we'll have high pressure parked offshore. i made some changes to the extended forecast. first, take a look at this. other parts of the country dealing with winter. yes, we have the thunder. yes, we have the lightning. we also had the snow. that was thunder snow in kansas. intense, unstable storm that dropped a foot of snow in kansas and arkansas and missouri. just a huge storm. this is actually born from the storm they gave us on tuesday and it is moving to the east and causing a big winter mess. for us, nothing, on absolutely nothing on the radar. three month outlooks, looking all the way out to the end of the third month, which would be the end of may. northern california and the bay area is the most likely place in the country to be dryer than normal for march and april and may. if you're a fan of rain fall,
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that's not good news. the pattern we have outside right now is likely what's going to happen more often than not for much of the rest of winter and early spring. that's high pressure offshore. not a super warm pattern, but it's a dry pattern. it takes all the moisture out of the pacific and hits the pacific northwest. bypassing the bay area. that's what it will be like for the next week and some computer forecast models say that's what it will be look for the next few months. case in point, run our future cast for the entire west coast. look at owl the moisture. several inches of rain fall for the pask northwest and not a drop for us. that's how it's going to be for the next week. what can we expect? we stay dry. we wrap up february with seven straight dry days. afternoon temperatures close to average. oakland 62.
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concord 61. cupertino61. and walnut creek tomorrow 6 #. friday in pitt burg, 60 with a high. 61 for alameda. 62 tomorrow in sanoma. sunday will be the sunnier choice, and look at the end of next week. i bumped up temperatures. upper 60s next wednesday and thursday. not a drop of rain and we'll have to get used to it. >> well -- >> it is what it is. >> it's hard to get used to beautiful weather. >> all right, thanks, paul. >> one bay area city weighing in on an olympic bid. why san jose's mayor says no thanks. ,,,,,,
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ma governor brown is getting a thumb's up for the first time in two years. a majority of californians like what he is doing. 57% of voters would approve of the job performance. that's an 11 point jump from last october. there's a little love for the legislature: it's an approval rating that rose about 36%. well, south bay leader has
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a message for olympic organizers. take your games elsewhere. san jose was among several cities, including san francisco. invited to bid to host the 2024 olympic games, but mayor chuck reid says the $3 billion is way too much for a city's entire budget is $2.8 billion. the city can't afford the honor when it is struggling to keep libraries open and cops on the beat. and on the subject of long shots, san jose has been given some guidelines for an oakland a's move to the south bay. major league baseball, provided those conditions, but it doesn't mean that the team will move. the giants still own the territorial rights to the south bay and would likely have to be compensated if they'd agree. >> two titans in the golf world are out. and could cal make news for the right reasons tonight? the minute is next. istrict
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bay area actually galvanizee montgomery's bears?? wayne, start the clock... the fu could the bay area galvanize the bears? they are in control against oregon. final possession of regulation, justin cobbs with the ball. >> .7 remaining and just in time with the bucket. >> the bear's sixth win. could have been the win that gets them an at large bid in the big dance. st. mary's at home against byu.
10:29 pm
nails the three to give the gails a lead. they just won this game over byu. meanwhile, the warriors were active. the 76ers while senator jeremy kyle was sent. both deals made to unload money and avoid paying a luxury tax. pga match play, charles howell, thanks to this approach on the 15th. this nearly went in. also, rory mcllroy knocked out by shane lauri. and the number one player, so you have two headliners out. >> nobody is going to go tomorrow. >> no, and it's not on cbs. so we don't have to cry too much. >> he's looking back. >> selfish interest during the book. >> one man's bogie is another'

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